The Divalukky couture process takes one month from start to
finish, with 2 fittings before final collection.

After booking, client would have a consultation with the head designer, during this consultation, a sketch is made right after ideas have been discussed. The head designer would guide you through this process and in a case where client wants an original design, this would be created from scratch by the Divalukky team.

A wide range of fabrics would be available either physically or as images for selection. You would also be guided through this process with a few recommendations from the Divalukky team. The goal is ensuring the absolute best is selected for your master piece.

Detailed body measurements are taken. First fittings date would be fixed for toile fittings and alterations which usually is a few days after consultations.

At this stage, client would be invited to try out her dress mock up. This is to ensure fittings are right. Slight adjustments to designs can still be done at this stage, if not the Divalukky team would move on to the final production of the main garment.

The body of the dress is put together at this point and client would be invited for a final try before final embellishment and pick up.

At Divalukky, we are as flexible as possible, therefore we are open to delivering via a trusted courier company or client can pick up in person.

All our dresses are crafted with love, one stitch at a time to
perfection at the Divalukky Atelier.