What is the price range for bespoke evening wear/ wedding gown ?
☑ From £1500 and above.

What is the production timeline for a couture piece?
☑ The timeline varies according to the complexity of the dress, with that in mind, approximately
4 -8 weeks.

Do you accept fabrics from client
☑ No, unfortunately we do not accept client fabrics.

Do you source fabric for clients
☑ Yes, we hand pick the best fabrics from all over the world for our clients.

What’s the return policy☑ Unfortunately, bespoke pieces are not eligible for return as they are made to measure,
according to clients specifications.

Do you do bespoke for international clients?
☑ Clients from all around the world are always welcome to the Divalukky studio. In cases where clients can’t come in, toiles would be sent out for fittings and the fittings would be over seen via
zoom. The final dress would be shipped to address of choice.

Can I have a online consultation?
☑ Yes, we do online consultations and fittings via zoom.

•Where are you located?
☑ We are in Watford, United Kingdom.

•Do you bespoke pieces for men?
☑ No, we don’t.