Sal Patisto

This collection was inspired by the creative designer’s love for nature, people, structure and art. The goal was to present pieces dedicated to beautifying the wearer.

Absorbed by the breathtaking green of plants, the luscious red of roses, the naivety and innocence of a pink flower, then people following their passion and chasing their dreams as-well as fearlessly expressing themselves through words and actions filled with love and appreciation of the beauty of nature, the idea of 'Sal Patisto' was born and with technical mastery and unrestrained artistic flair, it came to life. A woman in 'Sal Patisto' is bold and daring. She does not shy away but rather stands tall with courage and valour.

Infusing colours that are eye-catching was a way of depicting a woman full of life like a person who expresses themselves to their heart’s desire. One who is 'IT' or wants to look the part until they become 'IT'. A collection as welcoming as nature, as quirky as art, and as bold and intrepid as the people who wear them.