Éclat Flore


      'Éclat Flore' is a creative journey which unfolds like a symphony of colors and textures, meticulously orchestrated to evoke the essence of a blooming summer garden. Inspired by the delicate dance of petals in the sunlight, introducing a harmonious blend of pink, yellow, green, black, and beige onto opulent canvases of crepe, satin, and silk.

      Each garment becomes a living canvas. Delicate petal embellishments are strategically placed, reflecting the designer's commitment to infusing femininity and grace into every stitch. The collection is a manifestation of Anitabel's dedication to providing a diverse range of silhouettes and cuts, a celebration of individual style within the broader narrative of 'Éclat Flore.'

      As the designer envisions it, each piece tells a story — a visual poem that unfolds with the gentle sway of flowing dresses and the structured elegance of tailored ensembles. The collection is not a mere assembly of garments but a curated gallery of wearable art, an invitation for individuals to step into a world where creativity and style converge seamlessly.

      In the mind of the designer, 'Éclat Flore' is a manifestation of the beauty found in fleeting moments, an ode to the elegance inherent in the transient nature of summer. Every thread and embellishment is a brushstroke, contributing to a larger canvas that invites wearers to embrace the artistry, embody the season, and revel in the exquisite bloom of life's fleeting chapters.